Thursday, October 27, 2011

Three poets from Anaphora Press

Eternal Day Breaks Over by Fr. Richard Rene.  This gentle collection of poetry by a Canadian Orthodox priest reflects the quiet heart of an observer who is yearning for God.  Fr. Richard finds beauty and wisdom in small moments with his family and throughout his daily life.  These well-crafted poems will echo in your own heart long after they are read, and you will find yourself returning to them again and again.

Bearing Myrrh with contributing poet Ruth Greenfield.  This collection of poetry gives voice to the experiences, hopes and illuminations of Orthodox women.  Five different voices come together to explore questions of faith, prayer, relationships, suffering, loss, and redemption through God.  This rich and varied collection is a treasure of spiritual inspiration and a simple offering of contemplation and hope.

Mysteries of Silence by Christopher Lewis.  In this first collection of poetry, Christopher reveals his own soul’s journey toward prayer.  In a rare combination of what is “earthly” and what is “heavenly,” he synthesizes the temporal human journey with the hope for and glimmering experience of that which is divine and imperishable.  Released in 2007, the last 20 copies are available at this event.

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