Thursday, October 27, 2011

Encountering Women of Faith

Encountering Women of Faith (Volume I) offers stories of nine Orthodox saints: Susanna of the Old Testament, Susanna of Palestine, New Martyr Elizabeth Feodorovna, Deaconess Olympias, Xenia of Petersburg, Melania the Younger, Mary Magdalene, Catherine of Alexandria, and the Women Disciples of the Lord. The opening chapter, entitled  "The Veneration of the Saints as a Christian Practice", sets the tone for the stories that follow.

        The authors are members of Saint Catherine's Vision, a group of women graduates of Orthodox theological schools. The book chapters include the authors' research as well as reflections on how the lives of these saints offer guidance and encouragement to Church members today.  Each chapter contains questions for individual readers and study groups to consider.  
        Matushka Valerie Zahirsky, author of the chapter on Deaconess Olympias, will be present at the All American Council.

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